Day 2: Least Fave

Yoko Ono’s cover of Katy Perry’s Firework

I really had high hopes when I first saw the title. Logic dictates this must be good, since Yoko Ono is a renowned musician. Expecting an exotic cover, I even turned the volume up because this must be something different from all other covers.



I was not expecting something uber exotic as this.

You call this music? I call it noise.

You call this cover? I call it some pompous crap.

I sound like a shallow troll but judge me after you hear it, yea?

Lots of people say (even my friends) that there must be something in it, some deep meaning embedded that makes it more than meets the ear.

I beg to differ. My common sense tells me it’s a woman howling her heart out with indistinguishable noises she calls ‘notes’. However, as much as I dislike the cover, I still respect her views on music. Well, people can do whatever they want, no?

But as I read the comments section, I found something noteworthy:


So was she mocking modern music? Was she trying to convey her disappointment with today’s music industry? As she howled her heart out, was there some bitterness in it directed towards today’s music producers?

I don’t know what goes inside Yoko Ono’s head. She has always been a rebel, and with this piece she might be telling us something, for all we know.


P.S. Btw some comments I found that got me in stitches:








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